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Welcome to the "Runaway Train" Please keep you hands and feet inside the train as you experience wonderful pictures, read stories, and other more fun things involving Hanson. You may stay as long as you like and feel free to sign the guestbook. It may be bumpy, but I'm sure you'll enjoy the ride. Thank you very much and come back again. ~Cara

Hey guess what you guys! I got some info on Hanson's upcoming album. It is going to be called "Everywhere". Much of the album is being recorded in a Tulsa studio. It will then be taken to Los Angeles and New York where it will be mixed. It's going to be released in October 1999. Ike says "There will be differences in the record because there are different songs on it. You'll definitely be able to tell that it's Hanson, but it will be different." In Yahoo! chat December 22, 1998, Hanson stated that they may be working with other artists on the album.

Will you guys PLEEEASSE send in your stories and pics of the week!! I really need to get this site going, and I really need your help. Thanks~ Cara

Guess what! You know how I'm always talking about me and my friend Tessa? Well now since she got her site back up and going we're sister sites!Wooooo!!!! He he. :) Well check out her site you'll like it it's called A Place in the Sun It's a really good site and I would totally recommend it!

Where's Hanson?

Still in LA recording the new album :) Don't worry the longer their recording that just means how much time they're taking to make the best album possible!

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*****NOTE: Guys I'm really sorry that I haven't been updating much, it's just that schools in session again, and I have so many games I have to cheer at and practices, there's no possible way that I have time to keep it up. I'll try my best, but please be pacient. Thanks ~Cara ***UPDATES: *Today I put up a new page called Dreams I need your help though to get this page started. There's still nothing on it so send those dreams in!!! Thanks.

* 7/15/99 I put up chapter 14 of When Dreams Become Reality I'll try to keep updating it more than I have.

* 7/1/99 I fixed the pics on the Younger Years page I'll try to fix the regular pics, but it may take my awhile

*Guess what, I finally fixed the pics on the mainPictures page. I hope you like all the new pics I put up.

*Are you interested in perchasing some Hanson merchandise? Ready to bid? Well come check out Kristen's offerings Kristen's offerings Thanks

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